Are you getting 403's when downloading? Please read here first

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Using OCI I`m getting a 403 from Datacenter in Sweden:

E: Failed to fetch  403  Forbidden [IP: 443]
ubuntu@someserver:~$ curl
  "ip": "",
  "city": "Stockholm",
  "region": "Stockholm",
  "country": "SE",
  "loc": "59.2500,18.1167",
  "org": "AS31898 Oracle Corporation",
  "postal": "128 62",
  "timezone": "Europe/Stockholm",
  "readme": ""

This is a floating IP - and will probably change once I redeploy my infrastructure. Is there possibilities to allow-list the DC location? (OCI Sweden?)

We are getting 403 from Uzinfocom datacenter in Uzbekistan/Tashkent

"ip": "",
"hostname": "",
"city": "Tashkent",
"region": "Tashkent",
"country": "UZ",
"loc": "41.2647,69.2163",
"org": "AS48979 UZINFOCOM State Unitary Enterprise",
"timezone": "Asia/Tashkent",
"readme": "Get the full potential of IPinfo -"

Subnet owned by Uzinfocom, Location: Uzbekistan/Tashkent. You can check this doing whois

Thank you

You can get all Uzbekistan subnets from this link: