Assign Master and ML both roles to same node?

Hi Team,

We plan to use Platinum license

  1. Can I assign ML and Master both roles on single/same node?
  2. From license count perspective, if I use 3 master and 3 ML both roles assigned to those 3 master nodes, will that be considered as 3 License count or 6 License count?
  3. How much RAM as a standard should I assign for JVM for master to run smoothly and for ML

I plan to assign 64 GB RAM with 16 cores per node for above 3 nodes.

The reason I am trying to assign both roles to same node is to save on cost because just for Master (8 or 10 GB RAM) I need to spend entire 1 license cost hence want to share that cost with other licensed role.

Below 6 license are considered separately:
I do plan for HOT (3 nodes) & WARM (3 nodes) again with all 64 GB RAM + 12 core

Appreciate your thoughts on this

Can you please edit your post to remove the formatting, it makes your questions really hard to read.

@warkolm yes done.

  1. Yes. Make all 3 nodes master eligible + ML
  2. it's 2 instances of Elasticsearch, so 3 licenses
  3. That depends

ok thanks, I did not understood your statement about "its 2 instances" part. There will be actually 3 nodes having dual roles of Master + ML on all 3 nodes.

That's a typo, I meant 3 instances, so 3 licenses.

ok thanks. Its not only elasticsearch but those nodes will also work as ML job processing server. So even if Master (Elasticsearch) & ML server role hosted on same server will be considered as single license you mean?

In such dual role, how should we plan for allocation of available RAM for both roles?

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