Attaching Multiple Service to ElasticSearch

I have trouble indexing a large DB to ElasticSearch. I would like to have two services talk to ES. One would back index data and the other index in real time. Is this possible and any suggestions/resources to achieve this?


What troubles?

What version? How large? What are the specs of your cluster?

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Hi Mark,

I am using ElasticSearch 5.6.10. I expect there to be a few million entries. Each entry will be about a page of text ranging from 200-500 words. I am not sure what cluster specs are. I am testing on my local environment but expect to run ElasticSearch on a server.

Do you have any experience or know of any ways to have multiple services read and write on ElasticSearch?


Elasticsearch will be able to do this without any concerns.

It's not really clear what you are trying to solve here.

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