Attempt to create Lens visualization produces an error "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'localeCompare')"

Since the upgrade to 7.17.12 ELK, I cannot create Lens visualization. I searched the internet and found some post saying that it can be related to the security. ELK is configured in my setup with two users: elastic and special user. I use elastic. It is defined with superuser role. According to the configuration in stack management, it looks like this role doesn't grant access to Kibana.
Is it an expected change that was done in 7.17 or earlier? How can I overcome this, it looks like I cannot assign addition permissions to superuser role so I guess I need to setup a special role to allow the configuration.
It seems to be specific to Lens visualization, I do not get error messages creating different types of visualizations.


From which version did you upgrade to 7.17.12? I just tried to create lens in 7.17.11 and I was successful.


Yes, it is 7.17.12. I checked some earlier version and it looks like I have the same version. I think it is related to some saved object that maybe I have in the system, I need to check that

What version did you upgrade from?

The kibana_system user requirement has been around for a while, I am not sure exactly what when it became required...

elasticsearch.username: "kibana_system"

I found the problem, it was related to some invalid saved object. Not sure why it affected lens visualization only and why I could create other types of visualizations. I noticed the problematic object when I opened saved objects, it had a strange name and it was caused by invalid syntax in json file on importing some index. Anyway, this problem doesn't seem to be related to permissions or upgrade of ELK, it is just invalid object in my setup. It was tricky to figure out what causes the problem.

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