Authenticating issue when using iframe outside the kibana

When I used Kibana visualization on my web page it was not working correctly. I just used Kibana configuration (kibana.yml)
    order: 0
    order: 1
      username: "usernme"
      password: "password"

After I did these changes and used Kibana iframe, It's wasn't authenticated. It Just tries but not working.
The web page showing look like below,

Can anyone respond to this issue?

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

did you get my point?

As your original post said;

For questions on securing the Elastic Stack via TLS/SSL or access control, please use the relevant product category - #elastic-stack:elasticsearch, #elastic-stack:kibana, #elastic-stack:beats and #elastic-stack:logstash.

This category is for questions related to the Elastic Stack Security functionality - Elastic Security Solution | Elastic - encompassing our free and open SIEM, and Endpoint Security.

I've moved this topic for you out of the Elastic Security category :slight_smile:

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