Auto-upgrade Elastic Agent to bugfix releases

Hi there,

I've set the agent upgrading setting in the Ingest Manager to Automatically update agent binaries to use the latest minor version..

My stack is on 7.9.2, and I have agents on 7.9.0 and 7.9.1. Those probably won't be updated because there is no new minor version (which would be 7.10 if I'm not mistaking).

Is there, or will there be a way to upgrade the Elastic Agent to bugfix releases through ingest manager? This might be quite important if a nasty bug in Elastic Agent is fixed.

@nemhods I assume this is what you are looking for? This will only be available in 7.10 and newer.

Hmm. Almost!
The functionality discussed there is one that I assumed was already in 7.9, because there is already the option: Automatically update agent binaries to use the latest minor version. (Same issue as this person: Manual manage agent binary version)

Now that this feature comes in, I'll see whether the upgrading also works for Bugfix releases, meaning e.g. 7.10.0 -> 7.10.1

Do you happen to know if I only need my Stack at 7.10 for upgrading to work, or also the agent binary on 7.10?

Yeah, sorry about that UI part that slipped into 7.9 but should not have been there as we pulled out the upgrade. Just ignore it :wink:

Upgrade will also work for bugfix releases.

For upgrade to work, also your agent has to be on 7.10 as it is the Agent that does most of the lifting.

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