Automatic provisioning (index/pipelin/transform)

Hi all,
I'm fairly new to Elasticsearch and need help automanizing the deployment.
I'm using kafka sink connector to feed the data to Elasticsearch and transform API to prepare data for the client for querying.
Elasticsearch is deployed using helm chart from GitHub - elastic/helm-charts: You know, for Kubernetes.
I would like to automatically create the pipelines, indexes, and transforms so rolling out Elasticsearch on new environment can be automatized.

Is there anyone having such a project and how did you achive the automatization?


I'm sorry, this is not possible at the moment. Please refer to the following issue to get more details on that topic: API call controller · Issue #3598 · elastic/cloud-on-k8s · GitHub

thanks for your help @michael.morello

We use Ansible to deploy our templates, ILM policies, and pipelines after deploying ECK.

@legoguy1000, did you achieve it by executing curl calls from ansible?

Using the URI module which uses the python requests module on the backend.

Thanks @legoguy1000, it sounds like a viable solution too.

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