Automatically Kibana Login

I have login page on my own website. How can I pass the login information from my own website to Kibana login so the user no need to login twice?

You need to go through the User authentication documentation

It will really be up to how your site works to incorporate Single Sign Own to your stack.

Which authentication that suitable with this case? I saw the link and it explain how to make username and password to login in Kibana. If only that, I already made it using Minimal Security Authentication.

Which License are you using?

To do what you want you need to use something like Single SIgn-On, which is only available with a paid license, if you are using the free basic license you won't be able to use that.

I used the free one. Which authentication that can used if I free basic license?

You have to generate passwords for built-in accounts.

It have been done. I can login on Kibana and create User and Role by myself. My first question is how to make it auto login on Kibana when I login on my own website so the user no need to login again in Kibana.

As I said, this is not possible with the basic license.

What you want is called Single Sign-On, which is not available in the basic license, it is a paid feature.

The authentication methods available in Kibana are listed in this part of the documentation.

The free basic license only supports the internal authentication methods which are the file and native from the above link.

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