Average Line Chart

I have documents containing feedback data like user, rating(1,2,3,4,5), date. I want to create a line chart where the x-axis will be date and there will 2 line charts one shows the average feedback on that particular dates and one line will show the count of feedbacks on that date. I am using Kibana 5 and I am using Line Chart for this.


You need to add 2 metrics in a Line chart. One showing Average on the Rating field and another one showing the Count.

Hi Marius,
I have done that but it is showing average based on ratings received on that particular day. I want the average of all the ratings received in tht selected time period. You can check the screenshot.
Even if it is not possible charts is there any other way to show the average for last 6 months, last 1 month and last 1 week in data table.


In this case you might want to switch to Visual Builder and use the Math aggregation. Just replace the bytes from my example with rating


I just tried based on your example but I m not getting Math under aggregation. I m using kibana 6.x.


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