Azure IOT Hub data to Elasticsearch cluster

I'm looking for recommended path/option to insert the data (messages/file upload) received on azure IOT hub to elastic search cluster for reporting/analytics purpose.

Gone thru the steps/approach mentioned here however not clear whether both event hub and storage account is must? if yes why it is so? cant we just route IOT hub data to event hub and from event hub to elasticsearch? why storage account is needed explicitly?

any other better way?


Mileage may vary, but I followed the same link and did not utilize the storage account. Though, I am forwarding AD logs instead.

But it's the same method: Logs > Event Hub > Logstash Pulls the Events from the Hub > ElasticSearch

I did have to use the "Advanced Configuration" model for Event Hub listed on that page. It has been working great for several months now. The "Basic Configuration" model demonstates placing both of the Endpoints in the same event connection. This did not work for me.

Be sure to follow the directions on creating a Consumer group and such.

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