Backup/restore options for ES 7.0 installed from ES helm chart

Is any backup/restore option e.g. to GCS bucket supported in

I answered in the GitHub Issue since I saw it first. I'll copy paste the answer here too:

Yes, although there is no "helm" specific configurations to enable snapshotting so you just enable it as you normally would following the snapshot docs. Instead you need to install whichever snapshot plugin you need into the docker image and add the configuration and keystore values yourself. You can see how to do that in the FAQ.

For actually running the snapshots you can use a tool like curator to automate the snapshot and restore process.

There are plans to manage the automation of snapshots inside Elasticsearch with Snapshot Lifecycle Management which would mean not needing to also deploy curator to manage them.

To make this whole process easier I can imagine the helm chart having a way to automate installing cluster settings and a way to automatically add secrets into the keystore would make this process a lot easier. But for now this is the way to do it (and also what we do in my team).

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