Bandwidth by accumulated data?


I would like to create a line chart of the used bandwidth. I have the data accumulated so far for every minute. How can I create a chart from it?

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Is bandwidth used a numeric field in your documents? If so, something like this:


Okay, first of all, all the details:
I have about 30 access points and their already transmitted data since start in one value (individually for each AP). This data is collected every minute. so I have an absolute value that grows almost every minute. Now I would like to show a bandwidth usage in a chart over all APs (later also for certain groups).
Currently I have this result: (

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So is that the field you expect to be growing? If you look at that field in the individual docs in Discover, does that seem to be the case?


here an example of an AccessPoint.

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It looks like the size of the values may be washing out the relatively small changes from one doc to the next in your line chart. You could try enabling Scale to Data Bounds in the "Metrics & Axes" tab of the visualization editor:


ok, now the formatting is a bit more chic, but that doesn't solve my real problem. As you can see now, the value just keeps increasing. And now I want to have the resulting bandwidth as a chart.


My current expression:

.es(index="ruckus_ap_info", metric="max:ruckusSZAPTXBytes", split="ruckusSZAPMac:10", kibana=true).derivative().divide(1024).scale_interval(1s).if(operator="lt", if=0, then=0).trim(start=2,end=1).label(regex="^.* ruckusSZAPMac:(.+) > .*$", label="$1").lines(width=1).yaxis(label="KB / sec", min=0)

this ends in this chart:

Now I have three questions to ask:

  1. are these numbers in the chart correct?
  2. how can I connect this jump with each other without the chart always returning to zero?
  3. the label is very unattractive, here I would like to point to another field (ruckusSZAPName), is that possible?

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