Bar graph intermediate space

(Padmavathy) #1

I am currently using kibana 4.In bar graph i have used split chart and then gave x axis with filters.The graph seems to be correct but there are some intermediate space for grouping along x axis.
Ex:A and B's data are filtered ,but the space between A and B is very large.
Is there a way the intermediate space could be reduced.

(Stacey Gammon) #2

Are you using a date range or terms aggregation?

How are you supplying filters on the x-axis?

Do you see an option to Show empty buckets?

Perhaps you are running into this issue: If so, I believe this is fixed in 5.0.

(Padmavathy) #3

Hi Stacey.I am using terms aggregation and i am supplying filters with multiple fields using and operator.

Show empty buckets option is visible only in histogram and not in date histogram.I checked with kibana 5 still facing the same issue

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