Kibana single bar spans the entire x-axis

Hi at All,

I would like to know if is it possible to select a bar of a barchartA; applying relative filters, and the size of the chart filtered remains of its original size, and NOT the bar spans the entire x-axis.
For me is much important.
Thank you very much for helping.


Hi @mad-max,

this depends on the aggregation you are using on your x-axis. Could you maybe provide further details or a screenshot/drawing to illustrate the situation?

HI a screenshot/drawing to illustrate the situation:


It looks like you have a Terms bucket aggregation on your x-axis. The effect you are seeing comes from the fact that the x-axis is evenly divided among all terms returned by Elasticsearch. After applying the filter for a term, all other buckets are omitted by default because they are empty. You can tell Elasticsearch to still return the empty buckets by setting {"min_doc_count": 0} in the advanced "JSON input" of the bucket aggregation:


That should lead to Elasticsearch still returning the empty term buckets, which subsequently still take up space on the x-axis.

Hi thanks for the answer with just the bouquet is perfect but i also use the split series and at this point the result is like the image and it is occupied half of the axis x the worse is if i use the stacked bar as the graph after l 'The filter application is empty.

Have you added the min_doc_count setting to the first bucket aggregation as well?

Hi yes i do
now the sceenshot
Immagine0 4-11

what I'm doing wrong?


Hm, your screenshot shows that the second aggregation does not have the min_doc_count setting applied. Try setting it on both aggregations.

HI it's ok.
thank you very much.

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