Bar vertical percentage missing ranges

I set up a bar vertical percentage graph with some ranges in it and sometimes the ranges are missing. If I add some filters to the top of my dash they start showing up. Is there a setting I can tweak so these graphs always show more detail?

Thanks and sorry if this has been discussed a bunch already.

Hi @adam3

what do you mean by "ranges are missing"? The chart does not render at all in the dashboard?
Can you post a picture of it when missing?

Sorry for lack of clarity: See how for 90's there's no purple: 25-40 region, no red: 10-20 region, no blue 5-10 region? But when I set a filter to mix:90s I can see all of those regions.

I suspect the cause of this discrepancy comes from the Group by this field first flag enabled on the Break down by dimension.

If you download the CSV data with the flag enabled and not you can see the table difference:

  • Group by this field first: true will group by ranges first, then by top values. This means that for the range 0 -> 5 the first X top values will be collected from ES, and so on for each range: this works ok when all top X values are the same for all ranges, but it starts to be problematic when a range returns a different list compared to other ranges.
  • Group by this field first: false will get the top values first, then compute the break down ranges. This is more consistent in this case.

If you really need to have the flag set to Group by this field first: true, the only way I can see it working is to increase the Top values number of values high enough to cover all values in your dataset. Or disable the flag in Break down by.

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Wow, thanks!!!

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