Basic email / slack alerts?

First off totally new to the platform and this sort of monitoring system so please go easy!

I'm after configuring basic alerts for windows hosts with multiple disk drives, so for instance is the C drive over 90% user, is the D drive over 90% used? If they are an alert is fired via email or slack?

The statistics are coming via metric beats and the inbuilt "[Metricbeat System] Host overview ECS" has the figures I need to report on, just not even sure where to start on getting alerts to trigger based on the content of that dashboard?

Hello @funk0id, welcome to the Elastic community!

When you talk about the builtin "Host overview ECS" dashboard, do you refer to the metrics app ( /app/metrics/ appears somewhere in the kibana URL) ? If that's the case the alerting feature is not available now, but it will be released with the 7.7.0 version of the Elastic stack. The release is scheduled for later this month so you won't have to wait long for it :slight_smile:.

If you are not using the metrics app, could you tell me what dashboard are you using?

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