Beats 6.x does not require Kibana for importing dashboards


Hello. I am testing beats 6.0. According to documentation (and source codes) it should require Kibana to load dashboards. But it loads dashboards without Kibana well (no Kibana is running on localhost:5601 ...). Is it OK, is it a BUG, will be dashboards corrupted?

BEATSNAME setup --dashboards -e -E output.elasticsearch.hosts="localhost:9200,localhost:9300" -E output.elasticsearch.username=elastic -E output.elasticsearch.password=changeme -E"localhost:5601" -E setup.kibana.username=elastic -E setup.kibana.password=changeme -E -E setup.dashboards.beat=winlogbeat -E setup.dashboards.kibana_index=.index setup.dashboards.index="testbeat-*" -E -E setup.template.fields=fields.yml -E setup.template.pattern="*-mypattern*-" -E setup.template.overwrite=true

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Are you running ES/KB 6.0? Kibana running is required if it's on version 6.0, otherwise the Beats index directly in Elasticsearch (the old way).



I am running ES 5. You are right, I did not see the part which is checking the ES version in the source codes before.


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