Beats documentation for yum repo has an error

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Filebeat doc for 7.0.0-beta1:
Shows a .repo file with:

That is for 6.x pre-releases not for 7.x prereleases which are in reality here:

If instead you select the doc for 7.x in the drop down then it says:
Version 7.1.0 of Beats has not yet been released and it doesn't show you a .repo file.

The equivalent doc pages for Elasticsearch 7.0.0-beta1 AND 7.x do show a .repo and it is correct:

What I think should happen:
For all beats, the doc for beta and 7.x sections should show a .repo example, like for ES.
And the error, that it gives a 6.x pre-release URL instead of 7.x URL should be fixed.

If I'm not clear, just look at the sections of the different docs where it says what the YUM repo is and you'll see clear differences between ES and the Beats for example. I checked filebeat and heartbeat after discovering the issue trying to bump to heartbeat 7.x to get a bug fix that hasn't been backported to 6.x.

p.s. I tried to do the right thing and click the "Edit this" in the doc, but the github repo it goes to doesn't actually contain the part with the error. I guess because the doc is part "generated" for version references and stuff. The repo it was going to, only had the surrounding text but the not the wrong information visible in the actual doc page on the web site.

Let me know if you have a question or if I should have done something different.

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Thanks very much for bringing this to our attention. I'll make sure it gets resolved.


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