Beats on Raspberry Pi 4/4g

It has been a few months since this topic has come up. I thought I would ask here before starting what looks like will be a difficult slog.

I would like to run filebeats on a Raspberry Pi to take in data from a bunch of Arduinos and store it in Elastic. I have Elastic running on the Pi now. I have the Arduinos connecting to the Pi via wifi. Getting Beats in place is the last step of something I have been planning for a long time.

So, is there any easy way to install Beats on a Raspberry Pi 4? It looks like people who have been doing it were using a Pi 3 and so I would think that it would have had to have gotten better since then.



Hello @Rainbird

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At the moment Beats are not released for arm platform.

We have a GitHub issue to track this at

It is definitely possible to build for arm, but such architecture is not officially supported. E.g.

make crosscompile

What protocol do you use to communicate from the arduinos to the raspberry?

Filebeat master supports the following:

Snapshots builds are available from our CI servers for testing. For rpi this debian package will work:

It takes the form of:{{ beat }}-{{ snapshot_version }}-{{ debian_arch }}.deb

Jenkins for 7.7:

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