Best option for Displaying Metric with $ Value for YeartoDate, MonthtoDate in Dashboard

Dear All,

I am trying to find the best option to display sum of $value for YtD, MtD and QtD in Dashboard.

Tried multiple options. However, running in to some issues.

Currently issues with these 2 options

#1: Created from Metric Viz. Dont have option to add $ and also display multiple entries for each year or month. I need only the current.
#2: Created from TSVB, only option to filter the date range is having customized time range, but not able to hide that and it doesn't look good.

Please help.

Not sure what the end result you are looking for but I would look at creating a scripted or runtime field that uses the currency formatting?

Perhaps just go into the index pattern and set the default format for that field (I did this a metric that is not even a currency)

Note : A side effect of this is it will show with the $ in all places...

Here is the lens Metrics Now

Thanks, I will try that!

Is there any way I can filter just those metrics by YtoD/MtD when displaying on the dashboard?

Currently when I try the Metric viz option. It shows like this. Where as I would like just the current month or year.

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