Visualize Time Range on Dashboard

I'd like to be able to show, on a dashboard, the date range that is currently selected.

The use case is that I have a metric up on a dashboard and people keep assuming it's an all-time count, not a "Last 7 Days" metric. As you can imagine, it's much more impressive when people realize it's per-week!

I'l like to be able to show a Visualization of something that shows the selected time range, even if the dashboard is full screen. Or alternately perhaps some way to change the label for the metric to be "XXXX per WEEK".

Right now my only hack is to create visualizations that have the label name hard-coded to a time range, but then it's nonsensical because you can end up looking at a dashboard with metrics that say "XXXX per Week" when the current filter is set to something different.

I'm guessing I'm not the first person with this use case, but I was unable to find my answer anywhere else. Thanks!

You can set the custom label for a metric.

Hello Archana,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, setting the custom label is the hack I have as a workaround. So I can make the label "API Calls per Week", but then if we change the date range for the dashboard the label is wrong and causes confusion.

Is there no way to display the date range on a dashboard when the dashboard is full screen?


No one? Can I just positive confirmation that the workaround for now is to hard-code a label, even though it won't necessarily match the selected time range? And a consequence, we'll essentially create separate metrics per TV dashboard, and then a separate set of metrics, without time ranges being hard-coded into the labels, for use on dashboards where users can change the date filtering. This will work, but will definitely continue to cause confusion as we're already doing this and people continue to put metrics on boards with date ranges that don't match the labels.

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