Displaying the selected time interval as a metric visualization

(Nikhil Utane) #1


I want to show a simple metric visualization which will display the selected time interval in human readable format.

For e.g. if user selects time interval as 5 PM to 7 PM, then the viz. should display "2 hours".

I am preparing a report and would like to show the test duration clearly on the dashboard.


(Marius Dragomir) #2

This isn't really possible with the current visualizations in Kibana. You could have a static value in a Markdown, or if you are comfortable with JS development, a 10-15 line plugin visualization could achieve this.

(Nikhil Utane) #3

Thanks Marius. About time I delve into custom plugin development.
Just checking, if Vega visualization can help in this?

(Marius Dragomir) #4

i think it should be able to help, but I'm not that good with it. :frowning:

(system) #5

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