Display current time domain filter as a metric in hours?

I have been using Kibana 5 successfully for various dashboards that take great advantage of the time domain zoom, both from the top right quick links that allow quick, relative and absolute, as well as the drag in graph functionality.

However, I find it difficult to interpret the time domain from the axis on the various graphs, and would very much like to display the number of hrs represented in the current time domain as a simple metric visualization.

Note this is specifically "what is the size of the filter window in hours", it is not "what is the time between the first and last found data entries" in the window.

I am struggling to find the approach to get this into the simple visualization metric.

I can find no applicable examples of visualization / metric / advanced / JSON input

So i do not see how to have the relevant aggregation or how to capture the limits of the time domain filter as the current view ( and calculation out into hrs )

Any help greatly appreciated.

This isn't currently possible with Kibana, but sounds like a great addition! Would you mind creating an enhancement request ticket in github? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new

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Will do.

I would appreciate your thoughts on another use case which is similar, but may be possible.

If I have a data element that contains a time of execution footprint, such as a periodic report that occurs every half hour, and within it a field that implies "in this half hour I was active for 24 minutes",

I then want to calculate how much time within the zoom window I was active, that is a simple sum of fields.

However the next step is to state active time as a percentage of the overall zoom window. Noting that where a system is off, it would not be reporting periodically at all.

So I would want sum of "time active" / "time domain in window"

Is this possible, or do I need to raise a feature request for that as well?

I am assuming ( although I don't have the experience to be sure ) once we have zoom window time domain as something that can be displayed, we can use it in calculations to get such a percentage.


Assuming I have the capability to calculate and display a metric, are the base params for zoom window start / end availalble?

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