Binding a numeric Term's raw value to the Y-Axis

I've got a need of binding the numeric values of a term to t he Y Axis.

At the moment, the only option available in Line/Area charts is to plot the Count and related aggregations on Y Axis, where we are willing to get a plot for a term (raw) value on the Y Axis, against a sub-aggregaion for another term with Time Histogram on X-Axis.

To give an example, We are collecting a String Term A, for it's Numeric value B for various time stamps T. The need is such that, I want to plot B (on Y Axis) for each of A, keeping T on X Axis.

Some hints on web indicated that, it was possible in Kibana 3. So first of all to ask, is this at all possible in Kibana 4? And if yes, can anyone please advise on, How?

If I understood correctly what you're trying to do, I think this is possible to do something close to what you're doing in Kibana 4 with the following configuration.

Note that you can't plot the numeric value B directly, as you may end up with multiple data points in one date histogram bucket, so you must take an average.


I am also running into this kind of situation.
Thanks @tanya for the reply. Your point is well noted.

My next question is, will this be added to kibana in near future?
i didnt find any note about this on git too.

Awating reply. :coffee:

Not to my knowledge - here is an interesting discussion related to that:

Thanks Tanya. :thumbsup: