How to add Terms on Y-Axis?

Hello I want to plot one of the terms values against date histogram. I want it in the line format. Is it possible to get terms on the Y-Axis instead of count or other aggregation metrics?

Hey @dips, unfortunately I'm not entirely sure what you mean - to plot a line chart you need a numeric value for the y-axis - but a term is just a string. How do you expect this to look like?

Are you talking about the value of a specific field inside your index pattern as the value for the y-axis? In this case you can change the metric by expanding the "Y Axis" and using something else than count. You have to specify a metric here though because in a histogram multiple documents are put into each data point, so you have to merge them together somehow to get a single y-value out - e.g. "max" to just use display the biggest value per time slot.

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