Bit help against yellow cluster

Every time I check the health of an index it show yellow. There are 5 primaries & 1 replicas

I've also executed curl & it's output was 5p 1r. Along with this also executed curl and it's output looks like
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 4 p STARTED 314922 183.9mb d4s8Zyj
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 4 r UNASSIGNED
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 2 p STARTED 313971 181.5mb d4s8Zyj
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 2 r UNASSIGNED
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 3 p STARTED 314587 182mb d4s8Zyj
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 3 r UNASSIGNED
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 1 p STARTED 314388 183mb d4s8Zyj
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 1 r UNASSIGNED
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 0 p STARTED 315084 182.6mb d4s8Zyj
logstash_apchelogs-2019.05.15 0 r UNASSIGNED
Now how can I change it's ealth to Green??

Most likely you have only one node in your cluster.

You can:

  • start other nodes so replicas will be allocated
  • change the number of replicas to 0
  • stay in this situation because in a test context, that can be perfectly fine

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