Buckler plugin for elastic search 2.3.5

Hello - I'm am trying to install the buckler plugin into elasticsearch 2.3.5 (have to use this version of ES due to Bitbucket requirement)
The instructions from Atlassian don't seem to work.
$ ./plugin install -b https://maven.atlassian.com/content/groups/public/com/atlassian/elasticsearch/buckler-plugin/0.2.12/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip
-> Installing from https://maven.atlassian.com/content/groups/public/com/atlassian/elasticsearch/buckler-plugin/0.2.12/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip...
Trying https://maven.atlassian.com/content/groups/public/com/atlassian/elasticsearch/buckler-plugin/0.2.12/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip ...
Failed: SocketException[Network is unreachable (connect failed)]
ERROR: failed to download out of all possible locations..., use --verbose to get detailed information

It seems that the cluster cannot access the outside world. Can you
ping/curl to those hosts? Might be a local firewall issue.

I downloaded the plugin onto the ES machine and tried to install it the following way
./plugin install file:/opt/alm/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip --verbose
-> Installing from file:/opt/alm/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip...
Trying file:/opt/alm/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip ...
Downloading .DONE
Verifying file:/opt/alm/buckler-plugin-0.2.12-2.3.5.zip checksums if available ...
NOTE: Unable to verify checksum for downloaded plugin (unable to find .sha1 or .md5 file to verify)

  • Plugin information:
    Name: buckler
    Description: The Buckler Plugin for Elasticsearch provides authentication and transport security.
    Site: false
    Version: 0.2.12
    JVM: true
  • Classname: com.atlassian.elasticsearch.buckler.BucklerPlugin
  • Isolated: true
    ERROR: java.lang.IllegalStateException: jar hell!
    class: com.atlassian.elasticsearch.buckler.AuthTransportService$AuthTransportRequestHandler
    jar1: /opt/alm/elasticsearch/lib/buckler-plugin-0.2.12.jar
    jar2: /tmp/48137688811923320/temp_name1435410656/buckler-plugin-0.2.12.jar

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