BUG in Kibana Link - Query Gets Lost

We seem to have found a possible bug in Kibana v 7.16.2 where the query gets lost after navigation.

  1. Enter a search term in Kibana - results are displayed
  2. Copy the browser URL and open it in a new tab
  3. Same results are displayed and query is visible
  4. Choose a different date
  5. BUG: Query disappears from the KQL/Lucene search bar

The bug is not in Kibana 7.7

The issue is it prevents us sharing Kibana links as the shared link loses all context as soon as a different date filter is applied.


7.16.2 won't get any bug fixes unless they are critical security patches. And 7.17 - I cannot reproduce this bug.

We just released 8.1. Are you ok changing your scenario to 7.17 to use the share url?


We will look into an upgrade. I can confirm that the problem only seems to occur with existing saved searches. If you try these steps without having a saved search (with Id) it works.

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I can confirm it is solved in Kibana 7.17.2


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