KQL query not part of the query

For some reason the query is not included in the query sent to Elastic
However "+ Add Filter" part of the query IS included in the query
I had a look at the "Inspect" and it is clearly so that what ever I type in is not in the query
however those added with the "+ Add Filter" is....
So like the screenshot shows, the trace_token is working fine
but the "message : timeout" is not

Any ideas of why ?

Someone had changed the default query language to Lucene and I changed it back to KQL
Maybe there is more that I need to change back to make it work.

Did you apply the KQL query by hitting the return key in the input?

I would say I did, but you make me weary :slight_smile: what if I just pressed the query button...
I am pretty sure I did hit return cause I was fighting this problem for a long time...
Interesting is that now a couple of days later it works just fine
I am not sure what changed, there are alot of people in this environment so who knows, or if I did like you said, that would be embarrassing....

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