Kibana 5.5.0 - lucene query documentation page link return 404

On Kibana 5.5.0 there is a link for lucene query page documentation [0].
It now returns a 404.

I believe the page has been renamed [1] and if you look closely you will see that the url change a bit (5.x vs 5.5).

This page is really good and that will great if the 404 can be fixed.

Thanks in advance.


yep, you are right. It was being tracked here. Like you have noted correctly, you can just change the URL from 5.x to 5.5 and it fixes it.


Hi Rashmi,

I also found out by looking at this issue that kibana 5.5.1 went out 2 days ago.
So I think I'm gonna upgrade to 5.5.1 and will make some patch on the fly into my Dockerfile until 5.5.2 is out.

Thanks for your quick follow up.

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