Can a pipeline be managed by set/group of users

Hello Experts,

I want to enable a UserGroup to manage a set of pipelines in Logstash.

At present i can configure a query to allows a user to view only the pipelines that he has created.
But i am not able create query to retrieve all pipelines created by a Role/UserGroup.

I need your help/guidance in order to retrive all the pipelines created by a Role/UserGroup.

Following is a role that i have configured.

run_as: [ ]
cluster: [ ]
- names: [ '.logstash*' ]
privileges: [ 'manage', 'read', 'index', 'view_index_metadata', 'monitor' ]
grant: ['*' ]
query: "{"template" : {"source" : {"term" : {"username" : "{{_user.username}}"}}}}"

thanks in adavnace for your guidance.


I am facing the same issue.

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