Can i change the Y axis to represent timestamp based data?

I am relatively new to elasticsearch and trying my best to understand Elastic stack by referring docs and videos. I have setup heartbeat to monitor a list of hosts ( ICMP monitoring ). I am able to successfully connect heartbeat data with elasticsearch. While the inbuilt dashboards for heartbeat looks good enough, what I am interested in is a simple bar chart where the one axis should be timestamp which can be broken down into hours/minutes/days while the other axis would talk about the host and their ping response. I am interested in something like the auto generated visualization seen under "Discover" for a heartbeat data.

Hi muthu saravana

If i understand you correctly then you want to have the count in y axis (like in discover) and the timestamp in the x axis where you can break down.

Follow these steps:

go to visualize:

click on the plus and select vertical bar
choose heartbeat-* on the lefthandside
You should be in the verticalbar visualiser now:
On the left hand side under buckets choose the x-Axis and change these as config

Press the play button on the left handside
interval changings under Buckets/Interval (use auto if possible)
For more inf, see docs

@thekm1 Thanks for your response. Sorry if did mention it clearly in my original post. I am using heartbeat module to monitor my machines are up or down. I am looking out for a chart where Y-axis would be the timestamp and X-axis the hosts. It should be a timestamp vs host chart with their UP and DOWN status highlighted using some colors.

hi muthu saravana,
I'm not sure if this matches your requirement, but give it a try.
Set the heaptmap vis. with the following config
--x-Axis with Term aggregation on the different type of hosts
--y-Axis with status type term agg
--split-chart in row with a timestamp agg.
you will get something like this. (i couldn't find the color changing...)

Let me know if my answer helped you.
regards thekm1

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