How to use significant term in Y axis during visualisation

I am new to use visualisation in kibana.
During visualisation, I saw in Y axis by default uses count i.e number of logs filtered.
But I want it to behave differently, I want Y axis to represent time and x axis to represent as count.

On x axis I am able to use significant terms as count which is Val = 456 as per below log.
Where as Y axis I don't have control.

2021-01-13 15:30:12.543723914 node0:app:4786 APP_ERR_NUM Function = "DumpSample", Msg = "internal_stats: Wed 2021-01-13 15:15:45 UTC", Val = 456

in above log I want the graph to plotted between15:15:45 vs Val.

Please let me know if my question is clear else I will try explaining more on the comments

Hi @Aryaman_Gupta,
I am not sure if I understand what you're trying to achieve, if you want to only switch x-Axis with y-Axis you can do it using not vertical, but horizontal bar chart:

If you use Lens, you can change the type to horizontal bar:

I understood your solution, but what I wanted was for example

log 1 -> [value = 100 , time = t1]
log 2 -> [value = 200 , time = t2]
log 3 -> [value = 300 , time = t3]
I want the graph to be plotted between value vs time
in x axis I want time and y axis I want value or vice versa.

I see by default y axis has total number of logs.

I think this is not possible in Visualize Editor, unless someone else has some ideas? From my understanding you want to visualize unaggregated data (treating time as points and not as intervals). However, you could try Vega - it has a learning curve, but once you have data coming from elasticsearch in proper format your example seems not complicated.

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