How to change Y-axis metric from default ( count ) to timestamp?

I need to monitor the uptime of some hosts. I am using heartbeat ( ping ) for this purpose. I am trying to visualize the results using bar chart. I would like to know is, is there a way to change the Y-axis from showing the defaults ( count ) to timestamp?

hi @chidori,

to change the Y-axis, change the configuration for "Metrics" (the top section in the Data-tab). You could configure other metrics for the Y-axis, like sums, averages, mins and maxes, ... there

Hi @thomasneirynck,
yes but that does not have anything related to timestamp like the way I am interested in. All I want is simple time range. something like as shown in screenshot below but in Y-axis

ah ok, you can flip the orientation of the chart (so make the Y-axis show time) by selecting the position for an axis in the "Metrics and Axes" tab.


That will rotate your chart to show time on the left.

@thomasneirynck sorry but what i want is a chart which shows the UP and DOWN status of servers during a given time range. The "Count" is not something I would need. It should be a chart where one axis would talk about the time range ( can be hour/day/week/month ) while the other axis would have the details of the servers and probably i can add a sub-bucket that would talk about their UP and DOWN time.

hi @chidori,

Not 100% if I understand. How to do this will depend very much on how you structured your documents.

maybe the top_hit aggregation could be useful to you ( You can use it to show the last status of a given server within a given time-range. E.g. up/down status over time, for each minute.

Hi @thomasneirynck,
Thanks for the inputs on this query so far. Please refer to my intial post which has the screen shot. My only issue with that bar chart is I want change the Y-axis ( Count ) to timestamp ( may be day/minute/hours). I am thinking by bringing in timestamp in Y-axis I would be able to easily narrow down the time range at which my server(s) were down.

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