Can I create an iframe of a Kibana dashboard without the configuration bar on the left?

I know I can embed Kibana on my webpage following the procedure described on the documentation here. However, I've realized some differences when I create an iframe for visualizations and when I create an iframe for a dashboard... In case I create a dashboard, I still see the left side menu, which means that the person accessing this page from my iframe can see everything inside Kibana, including other dashboards. I'd like to make it in such a way that the left side menu bar is not available when I generate iframes for my dashboards... Like iframes from visualizations that I don't have access to other visualizations or dashboards from there. Is it possible?

The dashboard should render without the Kibana chrome (menu and header) as well. What version of Kibana are you using? Could you share the html snippet your are using?

You're right, I'm still using the version 7.4.2. Doesn't this problem exist on the last version? What do you mean when you say html snippet? Where can I find this information?

I was referring to the html code you are using to create the iframe. It entirely possible there was a bug in an older version that got fixed later on - in the most recent version I can't replicate the issue.

I see... I'll check the newest version then. Thanks

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