Remove "Create visualization" Tab from Kibana Dashbord iframe code

Hello! I have created a kibana dashboard with my custom datasets. Now if I copy the iframe embed code it also contain the "Create visualization", "All types(Dropdown)", "Add from Library" tabs. I want to remove these tab, how can i do that ?

Hi @Sayed_Aktar

that looks like you are open the page with the iframe dashboard and you're logged into kibana with your account (with edit permissions).
Can you confirm opening the page with another browser/incognito mode doesn't show that?

When generating the iframe, did you make sure to not include the Top menu bar?
Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 09.50.57

Also, what browser are you using to open the page containing the iframe?

Thank you for your response. I solved it.(First switch to view mode then copy the iframe code)

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