Can i create my own navbar on top of Kibana?

I want to create navbars, dropdowns, panels on top of Kibana dashboard. So that i can customize the look and feel. Different Dashboard must be loaded through menus in Navbars. Displaying Title on the div Time filter is existing.
Could you please cite the resources/help?


This is kind of the most popular question here. So what people generally do is fork the main Kibana repo to replace the logo, CSS and other minor things and customize it accordingly. In your case, you could be using the iframe sharing in which the URL could contain all the dashboard state: visualization, filters, time range etc .

I will link you to thins discuss user who hd similar q While I'm using share dashboard using Iframe tag?


Thanks for your reply.
I want to implement in Kibana itself. That means i have to fork it. Can you suggest particular files to make changes on?

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