Can I edit the event onclick over one chart(histogram-piechart)?

I made an histogram through Kibana and until here everything is fine.

When i click over one column happen this:

I really don't like this visual whit just the one REALLY big column so I want to edit the "onclick event" and made like "change color" and doing something like this:

I want change the event JUST when the results is just one. For example also in this chart the results is terrible and I need some trick to solve it:

All suggestion will be really appreciated!
Thank you to all


We do not offer this level of customization right now. It would be worthwhile to file an enhancement request here and also describe your use case there. There is also a similar kind of issue open for customizing visualizations which you could subscribe for .


I want to sugget also:
1) the possibility to add sub-buckets also in the tilemap.
Actually you can just add geopoint.
When they are correctly displayed could be interesting trying sub-buckets to have different analysis because many time the point has many other information to show on map.

2) setup 2 o 3 "Map type" (e.g. between"Heatmap" and "Scaled circle markers") and switch between them directly from the dashboard with one button.

3) when I click in a point of point chart, there is a big mistake because the single point go in the Y axis losing its X data position:
before the click everything is fine

after the click the point go in the left losing its X position

4) in the piechart the section "custom label" doesn't work

5) With an EXTREME zoom in the tile map I have still cluster point and of course I don't want any clustering with this zoom.
I suggest that directly in the dashboard will be possibile set the precision because the precision it depends from the zoom that you want to analyze data. For my case I need 7 (for less zoom) and 8 (for big zoom)

precision 7 => with this scale i need 8

precision 7 = > with this scale 7 is perfect

precision 7 => with this scale i need 8

precision 8 => no data visible with this scale

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