Can i install marvel plugin without Kibana?

Hi Team,

I want to install marvel without kibana. is it possible to install the same?


Which version of Elasticsearch are you using?

I'm using ES 5.5.2

Marvel is no longer a standalone plugin and has been replaced by/become X-Pack Monitoring. You can install X-Pack and enable monitoring on Elasticsearch only, but in order to view the monitoring data (unless you want to query the monitoring indices yourself) through a UI, you will need it installed on X-Pack on Kibana as well.

the problem here is we dont want to use kibana :frowning: , as we already have custom dashboard for visualization but we want to use the marvel :slight_smile:

The old Marvel plugin is not compatible with Elasticsearch 5.x+, so that is not really an option. Why do you not use Kibana for monitoring?

Kibana was not used because we want to have some custom features at dashboard level like on click popup and few other custom features.

Can you not continue doing this and just use Kibana with the X-Pack plugin for monitoring? How were you envisioning using Marvel if that had been an option?

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