Can I keep a computer logged into Kibana?

(Katy Gero) #1

I am trying to create a dashboard that I can display on a screen in the office. Unfortunately, Kibana logs me out pretty regularly, so I have to log back in to get the dashboard to display again. Is there any way to keep a user logged in?

(Jim Unger) #2

Are you using the x-pack plugin, and specifically shield?

(Katy Gero) #3

I'm using Shield, yes.

(Jim Unger) #4

What version of Kibana are you using?

If you turn on Auto-refresh, and the refresh frequency is less than the configured shield.sessionTimeout, that should keep your session alive.

(Katy Gero) #5

That makes sense. I am using ElasticSearch version 2.2.0 and Kibana 4. I'm not sure where to find shield.sessionTimeout.

(Jim Unger) #6

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