Kibana Login Session expiration

We would like to use Kibana (4.4.) version to use as TV-Dashbaord. Unfortunately the Kibana plugin expires session after specific period of time.

Where to find kibana settings for that?

Would you mind providing more specifics regarding your setup? Are you using Shield?

We're using shield providing credentials for login..

And we are not sure, why the cluster needs more than one minute to analyze new data..

see cluster-id: bd3ae6

I have tried to setup longer session timeout for kibana, done with configuration API:

curl -XPUT cluster:9234/_cluster/settings -d '{ "persistent" : { "shield.sessionTimeout" : "31104000000" }}'

Have I to restart the kibana, that settings will work? How could I do that?

FYI, in case someone finds this in search results, see;

"To change the default session duration, set the property in the kibana.yml configuration file."