Can I ship an ISO that has a Canvas saved object inside Elasticsearch?

I don't understand the difference between open-source and basic columns from in terms of what I'm legally allowed to do.

I understand that "basic" is not considered open-source.
I understand that only the "free" one is fully Apache licensed.
I do NOT understand what I not allowed to do with the "basic" downloads.

Specifically, may I ship a ISO image to my customers that includes Elasticsearch and Kibana and the Elasticsearch database has a saved Canvas object without breaking the terms of the license for the "basic" download.

Or maybe, the customer (and not the creator of the ISO) must enable "basic" either via Kibana -> Management or via the API even if it's okay to ship the ISO with the Canvas image.

If the only difference is that you don't want to disclose the source code (something I don't care about), then I will proceed distributing with a Canvas saved object inside Elasticsearch.

Excerpting these lines of the license text:

... If You [...] are interested in obtaining Elastic's permission to engage in commercial or non-commercial distribution of the Elastic Software, please contact

Send an email to the address above and we'll hopefully be able to help further.

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