What's free under the basic license exactly?

Hi all,

I'm relatively new to the the Elastic Stack and really only have a small use-case for it at this point. I see there's a Basic license that says it's "free", but the subscriptions page lists out a set of high level umbrella terms as opposed to a set of exact features (or am I reading it incorrectly?).

At a bare minimum, all I really want to be able to do is read in logs and run Grafana and or Kibana dashboards over them. I'm not looking to turn this into an all-singing all-dancing solution, unless of course it grows over time and exposure due to it showing value to other interested teams etc.

I've tried out the following modules so far:

  • ElasticSearch
  • Kibana
  • LogStash
  • Beats
  • Grafana

As far as integrations and alerting are concerned, I'm happy to cut code for all of these myself in order to suit my exact needs. Is this acceptable under the Basic license?

Any help is appreciated.


Welcome :slight_smile:

On this page you can use the "Expand all features" button to show details.
Does that answer things, or is that what you're saying isn't at the details you want?

Hi Warkolm,

Thanks for the reply. I thought about my question afterwards and perhaps the better way to phrase this is to ask is if there's any way to exceed the Basic Open Source license if that's the version you've downloaded? By exceed I mean are there features and modules included which are not free, but provided to entice implementers to use them in the hopes they will one day license them?

Does that make sense?


There's not sorry. If you want to see what else there is then check out the Elasticsearch Service, as it includes everything.

I think you're asking whether it's possible to accidentally exceed the limits of the basic (free) license if you download and install it.

In general, no. The cluster will enforce that you can only you features for which you are licensed.

You have to opt-in to paid features either by explicitly starting a 30-day trial, or by installing a paid license.

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Thanks Tim, that's exactly what I was wanting to confirm.

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