License problem - Not available for trying with Basic license

I would like to try the new reporting features. The installation was succesfull after upgrading ES to the right version, but when I want to generate the PDF, the system anwers clearly that the license is not valid. I just installed a "Basic" license some days ago to try also Marvel, so this is the cause.

Is the reporting plugin available for 30d trial the same way Watcher is, for example? How should I proceed once I have installed this "Basic" license? I dont know if its possible to have two licenses or if I should just uninstall the "Basic" license...

Thanks in advance!

So basically and for now if you have a License (here BASIC) you can only have access to what BASIC level offers.
Normally you install your basic license on your production cluster.

If you want to try a product or feature, you need to have the default trial only. Which means, start a new empty cluster and test on it. May be testing on a production cluster is not a good idea :slight_smile:

May be @skearns has other suggestions?

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Oh...these are really bad news. We dont have such a test enviroment and productive enviroment. Since the cluster is for internal we also do the tests there. I just installed the basic license to test Marvel, but now it turns out it was not a so good idea :frowning:

We will forget about trying Reports then.

Thanks a lot anyway for your quick support!

Hi Alberto!

As @dadoonet implied, you can have only one license active in the cluster at a time. The Basic license doesn't give you access to Reporting. Having said that, our team would be happy to send you an extended trial license - just send a note to requesting a trial license extension, and the team will send the trial license quickly.


I didnt really use the trial license for Reporting (its not that it was expired), so perhaps I only need to know where to get it (the trial one) from so I can install it instead of the Basic I am currently using. Is that possible or should I request it via email as you suggested before?

Many thanks again for your excelent and quick support.

Trial licenses are the default. Simply by installing the License plugin in Elasticsearch and starting it up, you get a Trial license, good for 30 days. The Trial license gives you access to all of the commercial products.

Once that Trial license expires, you can either purchase a license or get the free Basic license. When you use the Basic license, you only get access to the free features, which does not include access to Reporting. As @skearns pointed out, if you contact, they can issue you a new Trial license that you can install on your existing cluster, and will give you access to everything (presumably for 30 days, but I'm not positive about the time limit). Alternatively, if you just remove and re-install your Elasticsearch instance, you will get a new Trial license when you re-install the License plugin.


Now its perfectly clear. Many thanks!