Can Kibana to connect to data-sources OTHER than Elasticsearch?


I have a data sources (InfluxDB) other than ElasticSearch. There are two parts to my question:

  1. With the Kibana 7.0 (or any other version), are there options to include InfluxDB as a datasource? (This could be considered as a follow up question to this issue:
  2. If this option is still unavailable, are there any plugins that are currently available for me to add influxdb as a datasource?

I know there have been questions around this Topic previously on this forum and SO. Apologies for asking this question again.

Thanks for all the help.


No it's not possible, there's a very tight coupling here.

I haven't seen any plugins for other sources, I don't think it would work too well though.

Thank you for the immediate reply. Is there any other work around that you would suggest ?

Nope, sorry.

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