How to add a new Kibana 5 data source besides elasticsearch?

I'm attempting to add a new data source for Kibana to read from. Does it all it take is to only add a new plugin to the source code or there are other areas where I should take into consideration?

Hi Muhammad,

I am not quite sure what kind of data source you want to Kibana to read.

Right now: Kibana can define index patterns on

  1. Indexed data in ES
  2. You can also use for reading machine data.
  3. or use logstash:

Here is a list of Kibana plugins:
Let me know if this helps.


Hi Bhavya,

Thank you for your reply.
The data source that I want kibana to read from is Solr. I'm trying to edit the source code so that kibana 5 can read from solr too, so I'm wondering if i edit the plugin section, will kibana work with solr too? or there are other places in the source code where I should take into consideration?


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