Kibana connected to WebSockets

Hi all,

I am looking to use Kibana as the visualization/monitoring tool. I have several questions regarding Kibana and Elasticsearch as a whole.

  1. Does Kibana require Elasticsearch to perform its function of creating visualizations?
  • Was hoping use Kibana to a data source and create my dashboards that way.
  1. Can Kibana connect directly to data sources without Elasticsearch?
  • web sockets

Hi ,
Kibana does require Elasticsearch to create Visualizations and Dashboards. Kibana is designed to use Elasticsearch as a data source. Think of Elasticsearch as the engine that stores and processes the data, with Kibana sitting on top.

No it's not possible, there's a very tight coupling here with ES and Kibana . I haven't seen any plugins for other sources, I don't think it would work too well though.


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Hi Rashmi,

Thank you for the response, it makes sense now. So essentially, if I wanted to connect to a web socket and visualize the data coming in, I would use the web-socket plugin in Logstash, have it process the data and display it through Kibana?

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