Can not login on kibana after upgrade to 6.3

(Shih Yu Lee) #1

The previous version I used was 6.24.
After I upgraded the elasticsearch and kibana to 6.3, the login is disable( can not input the username and password).

When I removed true in the elasticsearch.yml, It still don't work.

The only way enter the kibana is :
removed true in the elasticsearch.yml and
change the elasticsearch.username and elasticsearch.password to elasticsearch.username: elastic and elasticsearch.password: changeme.
However, the Login page disappeared after I did that.

it's weird because I used bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive to change all of ELK's password when I used 6.24 version.

How could I login on the kibana when I use

(Tim Vernum) #2

There's lots of things that might cause this, and it's not clear from your post exactly how you upgraded and what settings you are running with.

Regarding your upgrade:

  • How did you perform your upgrade?
  • Are you using the same data directory as you used on 6.2.4?
  • Did you change any configuration?

Can you connect to the Elasticsearch server using curl (or a similar tool)?

  • Does curl -uelastic http://localhost:9200/ work?

Check GET /_xpack on your elasticsearch server.

  • what license type is it reporting?
  • what does it report for the enabled & allowed states on the security feature?

(Shih Yu Lee) #3
  1. I used deb to upgrade
  2. I use the same data directory
  3. I don't change any configuration.
  4. the license I use is trial, and security is allowed. But I disabled the security because it's the only way to use kibana.
  5. When I input curl -uelastic http://localhost:9200/, it required the elastic password. And the result is connection refused

(Tim Vernum) #4

What do the Elasticsearch logs say?

(system) #5

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