Can scale_interval in time series?

(Romain Xie) #1


Can I set the Time Series to show which like defined in the Timelion?

.es(index=netflow-latest, timefield=@timestamp, metric='').yaxis(units=bits/s).scale_interval(1m)

That means, I need first sum the data, and then scale the result of the sum to a time interval.

Thank you.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

You can set the specific interval in the Panel Options tab, with the Interval box. If you set it to 1m it should give you the same result as .scale_interval(1m)

(Romain Xie) #3

Yes, after set it, I can get the data.
But, in the image, there is too many point be draw.
In the Timelion, the point to draw is better.

Is there any other way to try?


(Marius Dragomir) #4

Do you just want to have the points removed from the chart? In this case, you can set the "Point size" to 0 in the options of the Data tab.

(Romain Xie) #5

Thanks, it's better than too many many point show :blush:

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