Can’t get urlparam and POST URL working

I’m attempting to send variables into a canvas report to use it as a global template for multiple reports.

However there is no documentation that supports how to send url parameters into the POST URL. What little I could find appears to point to relativeUrls, but this doesn’t work.

Of course urlparam works in the canvas URL directly but this doesn’t translate in any way to PDF creation, which in the end is what I need.

I’m running in 7.17 and I’m easily 8-10 hours into trial and error and I’m simply at a loss. I’ve dug into the code directly as much as I could follow and found nothing of consequence.

If anyone has further information on how I can get this done, please OMG help.

Thanks in advance,

Some further testing this morning shows that urlparam doesn't even work for PDF generation at all.

I set the parameter successfully in the URL, it appears correctly in the screen view, but when requesting a PDF be generated it returns to the default.

My quest continues, any input is appreciated!

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